Will 20700 and 21700 battery be more popular than 18650?

Will 20700 and 21700 battery be more popular than 18650? 2017/9/23 Introduction of 20700 and 21700 20700 cell(20mm diameter and 70mm high) is produced by Panasonic, targeting e-MTBs, the electric Mountainbikes. Status of the “20700” battery that has been reported to be going into Model 3, but lately CED Elon Musk of Tesla elaborated that they actually changed the size to 21mm diameter and a 70mm height. They also got rid of the trailing ‘0’ so the name of the battery that [...]

New Arrival BASEN 21700 4000mah 30A battery

As more and more 20700 and 21700 battery come into market, such as sanyo 20700a, sanyo 20700b and Samsung 30T, etc, BASEN will have 21700 4000mah 30a battery coming at the beginning of Sep. SANYO 20700B SAMSUNG 30T The new physical structure for the 21700 battery cover can maintain the consistency when the battery power and voltage is cut off by which the battery security problems can be avoided; The battery shell is made from pre-nickel plated steel plate, which keeps away from [...]

List of 2017 Outdoor Exhibitions Worldwide (updating)

VAPECON 2 Kuala Lumpur Booth No.: C 40 Mar.31st – Apr.2nd, 2017   VAPE UK JAM London Booth No.: G 35 Apr.7th – Apr.9th, 2017   IECIE  2017 Shenzhen Booth No.: 8C08 Apr.14th – Apr.16th, 2017   VAPITALY 2017 Verona Booth No.: E12 May 20th – May 22nd, 2017   VAPER NEC, Birmingham, UK Booth No.: J 62 May 26th – May 28th, 2017   VAPEXPO 2017 Moscow Booth No.: F10 Jun.16th – Jun.18th, 2017   Updating……

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