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For 12V 100Ah battery:
– Series: It is not recommend to connect more than 4 batteries in series .
– Parallel: It is not recommend to connect more than 4 batteries in parallel.
– DO NOT string batteries in series and parallel at same time. Doing so can cause catastroph-ic failure.
2.The following diagram is a reference on how to connect batteries in series and parallel using
12V100Ah battery. Before connecting , each battery must be independtly fully charged.
– Series Connecting Total voltage and capacity: 48V 100Ah ;
– Parallel Connecting Total voltage and capacity : 12V 400Ah;
3. Dos
*Before making any connections, make sure to charge each battery up to 14.6V with a proper lithium charger.

CONNECTING, otherwise you will encounter balance issues within your system.
*All cables and connections must be able to accommodate the high currents that can be
delivered by the battery. Appropriate fuses and circuit breakers are highly recommended to protect
downstream componentsfrom currentspikes and short circuits.
*In parallel battery banks , the cables between each battery should be of equal length to
ensure that all batteries in the system can work equally together.
*To string multiple batteries in parallel,first connect the positive terminals of batteries to
each other. Then do the same with the negative terminals . Finally, connect the positive and
negative terminals of the first battery to the system. This type of arrangement is used to
increase the overall battery capacity while keeping the voltage the same.


1.Q: I need more function such Bluetooth and LED screen,i also want anti vibration design for using at my Marine/RV/Vehicle can i customized my battery pack?

A: Yes of course, just let me know what exactly you need, our professional engineer team will give you an excellent solution, more than you expection.

2.Q: I’m very sensible in price, i am a wholesaler of battery pack, if i sell your battery pack in my city , the profit is very low, can i get a cheaper price? and i can see your competitor sells more cheap then you.
A: It is highly suggest that you can have a comparision with our competitor. Indeed, there are also some supplier provide low price battery pack but using cheap material. Pls pay attention to the cycle life and the warranty, and we have anti vibration design and communication design. maybe you know the price of cylindrical cell is far cheap then prismatic cell.besides, we also provide cylindrical cell solution , pls contact us directly and we will tell you more. Most Importantly, we can give you a professional solution according to your local market? low profit? Don’t worry about that, our engineer team will help you help you to solve it.

3.Q: I can see the post that your company shows the warranty is 5 Years, so no matter what the battery pack be used for, all 5 Years?
A: No sir, maybe you know the cycle life of cell is not only depends on the quality itself , but also be affected by the discharge/charge rate the actual temperature. So it is unresponsibility at all if a supplier tell you the cycle life but no talking about the actual usage. For room temperature 25℃ and 1C discharge and 0.5C charge, the cycle life of the battery pack can exceed 4000 cycles and warranty 5 Years, only energy storage usage.

4.Q: Can these battery pack be compatible with my inverter? do you have a company list of the inverter which is compatible?

A: Yes sir, our battery pack can compatible with most brand of inverter on the market, contact us and let me tell you more.

5.Q: What about the delivery time and shipping?
A: some of times in stock, we can make 3-7days fast delivery. For USA,Canada,Austraila and most of European country , we provide tax included services, door to door, once you place an order ,then you will receive your new battery pack in about 40-55 days at your home! We also have Oversea warehouse service, 3-7days arrive, no tax fees, please contact with our sales !

6.Q:Can it be series or parallel for use?
A: Yes sir, it can support max. 4 in series or parallel connection for use ( 12V series ) and no any additional device.

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