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Basen 48V 50ah 100ah 200ah lifepo4 pack

Basen 48V 50ah 100ah 200ah lifepo4 pack

48V Lifepo4 Battery Rack Pack

Capacity are available on 50Ah, 100Ah,200Ah,230Ah


Two Types:High Voltage Type max to 720V, High Capacity Type max 15sets parallel connection.


With Grade A and Brand New Cell, voltage difference within 1mV, High consistency for energy expanding.

we mainly introduce the 51.2v 105ah battery pack, rack type, its actual capacity can reach 110ah. We use EVE 105AH battery core, Grade A and brand new.

Let’s look inside the battery pack.
1.Pin line in battery pack Inside  is very neat.
2. The orange bracket is to prevent short circuit of the core
3. Laser welding and aluminum bus bar are used in the battery pack to ensure better stability and conductivity of the battery pack.