How does BMS Boost the Battery life and Performance?

How does BMS Boost the Battery life and Performance? BMS tasks include voltage and current control, thermal management solutions, fire protection, and cybersecurity. In this article, we explain the main battery-related risks and ways that BMS can overcome them. BATTERY PROTECTION WITH A BMS A rechargeable battery is a keystone of a BMS. This component is rather complicated and sensitive and requires attention and careful handling. A BMS can do this. All its functions intend to make the most out of the [...]

How to Save and Earn Money With Your Own Electricity?

Electricity is becoming a luxury good. The cost of energy is rising inexorably. Does it make sense to generate your own electricity and be independent of providers?   If you want to be as self-sufficient as possible from the major energy suppliers, you have various options for generating your own electricity. What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? And what costs do you have to reckon with? Three Ways to Generate Electricity Yourself There are numerous ways to generate your own electricity. However, three variants are the most [...]

What is the Cheaper Way to Stay Warm in This Winter?

Electricity and Gas Price Increases From 1 October What is the Cheaper Way to Stay Warm in This Winter?On Saturday 1 October, the cost of electricity and gas will increase significantly for families and small businesses; it is the update with which every three months the Arera energy authority adjusts the consumer tariffs for greater protection to the costs. It will be the coldest season for the economy in recent decades, not only for families but also for businesses, for [...]

Nuremberg closes indoor pools how serious is the situation?

The majority of Nuremberg’s indoor swimming pools remain closed in summer. Whether they open again in the fall depends on the situation. (Source: NEWS5 / Deyerler)     Nuremberg must save energy. That’s why the city closes most of its indoor pools in summer. What’s next? And what does that mean for employees? Children splashing around; parents chatting; swimmers training, actually, it would be very busy here in the Nordostbad. But instead of screeching there is silence, instead of cooling there is emptiness. The energy crisis has arrived in Nuremberg . “Closed” is written on a [...]

China’s Energy Storage Sector: Policies and Investment Opportunities

Energy storage is crucial for China’s green transition, as the country needs an advanced, efficient, and affordable energy storage system to respond to the challenge in power generation. According to Trend Force, China’s energy storage market is expected to break through 100 gigawatt hours (GWh) by 2025. It is set to become the world’s fastest-growing energy storage market, overtaking Europe and the United States.   Why is energy storage important? Energy storage refers to the process or device that captures energy produced [...]

CATL & EVE Speed up to Layout Lithium Energy Storage Market

In order to enhance capacity and speed up market penetration,Chinese battery manufacturers have tried all their best recent years, keep busy with taking lands and building factories,due to the high boom growth of the EV market. However, in terms of the industry, battery manufacturers’ aggressive expansion is not only concerned about the EV market, but also includes the rapidly expanding energy storage market. According to research firm Mercom Capital, tens of billions of dollars of financing and M&A have been made around battery storage systems, smart grids and energy [...]

Basen Solar Power System Solar power

Basen Solar Inverter Power System Solar Inverter converts DC power (battery, storage battery) into AC power (usually 220V, 50Hz sine wave) 1、matched with the battery pack for one-stop purchase; 2、Widely use in solar storage system; 3、High quality assurance Solar Inverter  

New Arrival BASEN 21700 4000mah 30A battery

As more and more 20700 and 21700 battery come into market, such as sanyo 20700a, sanyo 20700b and Samsung 30T, etc, BASEN will have 21700 4000mah 30a battery coming at the beginning of Sep. SANYO 20700B SAMSUNG 30T The new physical structure for the 21700 battery cover can maintain the consistency when the battery power and voltage is cut off by which the battery security problems can be avoided; The battery shell is made from pre-nickel plated steel plate, which keeps away from [...]