12V 100Ah normal type is the easy-to-use entry-level model.

12V lithium battery pack normal type is the easy-to-use entry-level model

12V 100Ah standard type account over 29.32% on monthly sales of BASEN battery packs.

1、made of Grade A 3.2v prismatic;
2、over 5000times cycle life;
3、Portable and small;

We started to produce and sell 12V battery packs in 2020,have established a certain sales base in Europe and America and our products have won the trust of customers. Now 12V battery pack is our main product.

12V 200Ah Bluetooth type is top selling item of BASEN 12V series in May, 2022.It was made of Grade 3.2V 202Ah, updated capcaity 230Ah for stable supply.

The series include 12V 100Ah/200Ah/230Ah/300Ah/400Ah, support max 4S or 4P expandation.