18500 battery

  • BASEN 18500 1100mAh Battery

    Apply to 18650 Vaping devices, Flashlight, Remote control toys, Unmanned aerial vehichles

    Brand: Basen

    Certification: CE,Rohs

    Color: Black

    Weight: 35g

    Nominal voltage: 3.7v

    Size: 18500(18.13mm x 50.02mm)

    Chemistry: IMR/Li-Mn

    Capacity: 1100mah

    Max discharge current: 22A

    Contiuous discharge current: 15A

    Max charge voltage : 4.2V

    Voltage at end of discharge: 2.5V

    Max charge current : 4A

    Rechargeable: Yes

    Positive: Flat

    Protected : Unprotected

    Charge temperature 0—45°C

    Discharge temperature -20—75°C

    Storage temperature 1 year -20—20°C;3 months -20—40°C;1 month -20—60°C

    Warranty 6 months after purchase