• CATL 302AH LIFEPO4 Supplier Deep Cycle batteries prismatic lithium ion

    CATL 302ah

    【Features】 : Rechargeable, long-lasting, fast-charging, highly efficient, and easy to install. Suitable for an enormous variety of uses such as RV, Solar, off-grid living and Marine

    【A high Discharge Rate】 : with stable discharge platform adopt square aluminum shell structure. High safety performance with no leakage. Comes with Busbars and Bolts.

    【Specifications】 : Nominal Capacity 302Ah. Nominal voltage of 3.2V, this Lithium iron phosphate battery has a Max Charge Current of 0.5C,max 1C and Max Discharge Current of Continuous 1C,Max 3C. A shell material of Aluminum.